chair beach alu
chair beach inox
chair wood silicones

chair leather
cabinet oak/silcones
low table alu

flexible inox lamp
drawer bleu
drawer wood
table / large (1975)
low table (1991)
lamp / wood (1989)
cutlery set

bamboo set
chicken coocker
trash can
bag of chips
platter inox/silicone
platter wood/slicone


hidden black box hinges
hidden hinges / lever
kitchen méca hinges
lever / black box
drawer handle short
drawer handle kitchen
coat peg
dividers pencil inox
dividers pencil alu
magnifying glass
lamp / paper
desk (1992)

chocolate box
saddle box
parfume box
architect tube
belt buckle Lanvin
handbag for lovers
Adult games
roman column
which tree?
Interior architect:
gallery (Brussels 1991)
Peugeot camper (1976)



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